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    guide in ice caveBryce hails from the first great state of Massachusetts (but don’t worry he isn’t too much of a Masshole), and graduated college with a studio art degree. Since he quickly realized he wasn’t going to make any money as an artist, he decided to choose the more lucrative career of working as a guide… (and yes he sees the humor in this!)

    His first foray into the great West was ranching in Wyoming and, despite being the least populous state in the US, it wasn’t quite remote enough for him. He decided to summer in Alaska and quickly got hooked. Bryce first started work on the Matanuska glacier, and eventually landed with the St. Elias Alpine Guides crew exploring the Root glacier – and now he’s found a level of remoteness that truly speaks to him. When Bryce isn’t guiding, you can find him reading, pretending he’s a good artist, or generally having a good time. If you’re lucky enough to join him when he is guiding, you can see him pretending he’s a geologist, flashing a smile, and (also) generally having a good time. 

    person learning against lighthouse

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