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    guide on snowshoes with mountainsBrendon likes to dabble in all of the outdoor activities. All of them. Seriously, if it’s outdoors and fun, he’s doing it. However, you will find him most happy, dropped off by plane in the middle of the Wrangells with his backpack and a map. 

    While the Wrangells are where Brendon’s happiest, he still enjoys a bit of wanderlust. Before joining us as a guide, Brendon lived and worked in Australia, working as a guide and also in the food service industry. Recently, he’s even retrofitted a van to be his cozy little home so that he can travel around Canada and the U.S. in style. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet him while out on the road or in the backcountry, just ask him what’s for dinner. With his passion for preparing and eating delicious food, chances are he’s making one of the best meals you’ve ever had!

    hiker with mountainsBrendon’s love for the outdoors is infectious, and he wants everyone to experience it at its fullest. Whether he’s convincing you to jump into a blue pool while hiking the Root Glacier (he’s very convincing!) or teaching you how to throw one rock and hit it with another while taking a break on the High Pass Odyssey route (we call that game Rock-Rock, in case you’re interested), you’re bound to walk away from your trip with Brendon with a big smile on your face!

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