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    Founder, pilot and AMGA Certified Alpine Guide, Bob has been exploring the Wrangell-St. Elias since 1977 – before it was even a National Park!

    He first started St. Elias Alpine Guides in 1979, and has guided over 50 first ascents including Needle Mountain, Mt. Sulzer, Brochure Peak, and Mt. Stellar. Bob has climbed virtually all of the major peaks in the park, as well as logged countless miles of backcountry wilderness travel. He was a member of the McGuire Polar Expedition in 1985, attempting to be the first humans to “walk” to the geographic North Pole.

    After nearly 3 months of exhaustive effort, they fell short of their goal by 100 miles. In 1989, Bob was a member of the Polish Everest West Ridge Expedition (via Kumbutse), which placed 2 climbers on the summit after ascending the longest route ever accomplished. He has guided trips to Pakistan, Ecuador, Nepal, Africa, Europe and several expeditions to the Soviet Union. The list goes on and on, but if you ever have a chance to sit down with Bob and hear some of his stories, get out your notebook…

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