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    Boats is quite the gal. First of all, her name is Boats (it’s actually Sarah, but nobody calls her that…). Coming to us recently in 2018, Boats quickly showed the SEAG team that she’s sharp, reliable, and made for the Wrangells. How so? Well, she’s got Alaska roots. She’s the only SEAG guide we’ve ever had who was born in North Pole, AK.

    But her time in Alaska was short-lived, as her family moved to Idaho where she grew up exploring the rivers, rocks, snowy mountaintops and endless potato fields. This outdoorsy upbringing led her to attend the University of Vermont and major in Environmental Education, making her an extremely knowledgeable guide with endless facts about the ecosystems of Wrangell-St. Elias, including its glaciers, flora, and fauna. Be sure to pick her brain about the wildflowers on the Root Glacier Trail!

    rafting wrangell st eliasWhen she’s not up guiding in Alaska, she manages the rock and ice climbing programs for the Outing Club at the Unversity of Vermont and loves sharing her passion for climbing with her fellow students. She also enjoys sharing her love of the outdoors with kiddos by working at a nature-based preschool, teaching 2-5-year-olds all about trees, bugs and whatever else they find out in the woods. Needless to say, she’s a pretty busy gal…

    Her most recent endeavor has been dumping all her life savings into a pickup truck (named Thelma) and driving it across the country in the middle of winter (with only minor complications). Hopefully, Thelma and Boats can make it up to McCarthy in time for the upcoming guiding season!

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