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    Anya grew up in Minnesota, casually enjoying it’s natural wonders on the weekends with her family. After some friends dragged her out West and out of the flatlands, Anya’s life changed forever to a life centered around summits, routes, campsites and living out of the back of pick up truck. Now she has settled down in SLC, Utah and will sacrifice drinking low strength beer for world class rock, ice and snow right in her back yard! Her impressive summits like Mt Bona, Mt Churchill, AK, and Ben Nevis, Scotland under her belt, Anya advances her craft with continuing education and accreditation through the AMGA. With skills and knowledge to match her big mountain enthusiasm, Anya loves to get involved in snow safety education to share the joy of the mountains with others.

    Anya’s insatiable appetite for adventure is right at home among the great peaks of Alaska! Whether on skis or crampons, she’s addicted to the mental and physical challenges that Wrangell-St. Elias provides, and loves to help others work through those challenges and achieve success. Some of her favorite trips to guide in the park are the Summer Ski Mountaineering and Intro to Mountaineering Course, where she can teach her clients the skills necessary to enjoy the mountains to their best!

    Anya’s passion for the mountains is only rivaled by her passion for cooking, baking, eating and sharing food experiences with others! She is an amazing cook in the backcountry and front, and you’ll be sure to eat like royalty if she’s guiding your mountaineering trip!

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