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    Alec grew up in western New York and was introduced to the outdoors through the Boy Scouts. After high school, he served an enlistment in the Marines as an infantryman, primarily stationed in North Carolina. Following his stint in the Marines, he attended college outside of Philadelphia where he fell in love with the outdoors all over again. After graduating with a degree in exercise physiology (and having watched way too many Warren Miller films growing up) Alec decided to move out west to fulfill his childhood ambitions of skiing in the big mountains.

    After exploring Utah for a few years and working as a personal trainer he was introduced to backcountry skiing through a NOLS course and moved to Colorado to focus on this new passion. He spent his first summer in Alaska in 2021 and was immediately impressed by the vibe of McCarthy and the simplicity of life within the community. Although Alec’s primary passion is skiing, he also enjoys rafting, backpacking, climbing, craft beer, and cooking. Even though he is no longer a personal trainer, Alec still enjoys answering fitness-related questions and loves applying his knowledge to outdoor pursuits. 

    On his days off you can find Alec taking advantage of what McCarthy and the valley has to offer – including feasting on loaded Philly cheesesteak fries at The Potato, checking out the music scene in town (there’s live music almost every week!), and playing on the glacier. It’s all part of the summer experience in this lively little town for him.


    • Hometown: Rochester, NY
    • Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Immaculata University, Pennsylvania
    • Certifications: AIARE Avalanche 1 and 2, Wilderness First Responder, LNT Master Educator
    • Favorite Wrangell Adventure: At this point, dropping into moulins for ice climbing. But he can’t wait to see what his next season will bring!
    • Best Wrangell Memory: Sipping a La Croix and sitting on the rafters in the Motherlode Powerhouse while chatting with fellow guides and watching the sunset.

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