If you signed up for a day hiking or climbing trip, you’ll be responsible for providing your own snacks. You may also purchase a Snack Pack at our office at the start of your hike. These Snack Packs cost $8, and are full of delicious snacks to fuel your glacier adventure! 

Typical contents include:

Beef Jerky
Granola Bar
Candy Bar
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Leather
Rice Krispie Treat
Snack Crackers

*Due to item availability (and the remote nature of McCarthy), substitutions may occur

Recommended Trips:

Half-Day Glacier Hike
Full Day Glacier Hike
Ice Climbing
Alpine Hike
Fly-In Hike

Please note that lunch is included in our Raft & Flightsee Trip, so no Snack Pack is needed.

If you are staying at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge and have purchased a meal plan, they will provide a lunch for the day, so no Snack Pack is needed.

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