If you signed up for a day hiking or climbing trip, you’ll be responsible for providing your own snacks. You may also purchase a Snack Pack at our office at the start of your hike. These Snack Packs cost $8, and are full of delicious snacks to fuel your glacier adventure! 

Typical contents include:

Beef Jerky
Granola Bar
Candy Bar
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Leather
Rice Krispie Treat
Snack Crackers

*Due to item availability and the remote nature of McCarthy, substitutions may occur

Recommended Trips:

Half-Day Glacier Hike
Full Day Glacier Hike
Ice Climbing
Alpine Hike
Fly-In Hike

Please note that lunch is included in our Raft & Flightsee Trip, so no Snack Pack is needed.

If you are staying at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge you have the option of purchasing sack lunches for the day or the Lodge’s full meal plan which will include lunch, so no Snack Pack is needed. 

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