Wilderness Recipe – Pizza Roll-Ups Backcountry Lunch

glacier snackWho doesn’t love pizza? We’ve already shared with you our Backcountry Boboli Pizza Recipe, which is a delicious and filling dinner, but we also have a pizza option for lunch! While we don’t recommend eating both of these on the same day (unless you really really love pizza – like Kelly), it’s a nice mix-up from the standard trail mix and beef jerky. So, pack it up and give it a try on your next Alaska backpacking trip or day hike!

Chef Extraordinaire: Anya

Serves: 2 roll-ups serve 1 person
  • 2 Tortillas
  • 4 Cheese Sticks
  • 10 pepperonis and/or ½ fresh bell pepper
  • Optional toppings include anything that goes on pizza – olives, mushrooms, pineapple


  • 3 T tomato powder
  • 1 t basil
  • 1 t oregano
  • 2 t garlic powder

Cooking Equipment Needed: just your hands!


With this recipe, you’re basically making a little pizza burrito. First, re-hydrate the sauce to the consistency you want in a Ziploc bag. Cut a corner off the bag and squeeze sauce into the center of the tortilla. Add 2 cheese sticks, 5 pepperonis and some bell pepper to each tortilla. Wrap it up and chow down!

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