Travel Tip – Getting to/from McCarthy

Compared to locations like Anchorage or Fairbanks, McCarthy is a little off the beaten path (and that’s why we like it)! So we thought it would be helpful to create a brief summary of the options for traveling to McCarthy. When making your travel plans, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us questions about the best way to incorporate McCarthy into your Alaska trip!

mountain river road campsite

Option 1: Drive

  • This option is best for small groups of people who will be spending only a few days in McCarthy, and don’t mind taking 2+ hours to drive the 60 mile gravel road from Chitina to McCarthy. This is the best option if you have your own car, and there are also a few rental places in Anchorage that allow their vehicles to go on the road.

Option 2: Fly

  • If driving all the way to McCarthy from Anchorage doesn’t sound like your thing, flying is a great option! Wrangell Mountain Air offers three daily flights from Chitina (located at the edge of the park). Chitina is a 5 hour drive from Anchorage, and about 2 hours from Valdez, and with free parking at the airport, this option eliminates the gravel drive altogether.
  • For those who’d like to come to McCarthy solely by air, you can charter a flight from Anchorage with Wrangell Mountain Air. They can work around your schedule, have professional and personable pilots, and we personally recommend them for any of your bush flying needs.
  • The last option for flying into McCarthy is to hop on the mail plane that comes in on Mondays and Thursdays. This plane is operated by Copper Valley Air (and Reeve Air out of Anchorage). With a quick stop in Glennallen, this trip only takes 2.5 hours (from Anchorage to McCarthy), and is quite the deal at $275 per person!

Option 3: Shuttle

  • The Kennicott Shuttle offers daily van service from Glennallen to McCarthy in the morning, and then back again in the late afternoon, and is perfect for those who are staying in Glennallen, but would like to do an afternoon Kennecott Mill Tour.
  • Wrangell-St. Elias Tours offers morning-departing van shuttles between Anchorage, McCarthy, and Valdez 5 days a week during the summer season. This option is great if you’re spending several days in McCarthy and don’t want to leave a rental car sitting…

As you ponder the options, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss which option is best for you! For even more detailed information on the options, check out the Transportation page of our website!

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