Tech Tip – Common Items People Forget to Bring to McCarthy

crampon walkingPacking for Alaska can be a challenge. You need to be prepared to handle weather that ranges from sweltering hot to cold and rainy. You need footwear for hiking, the town, and everything in between. You need backpacks and layers and you certainly can’t forget rainwear! Needless to say, a few things can slip through the cracks.

Before you head out to McCarthy, check your bags – here are the most common items people forget to bring to McCarthy.

  • Sunglasses. These are essential out on the glacier, where the white ice reflects the sun rays, and “snowblindness” can be a real issue.
  • Sunscreen. Carry a small bottle for your face and hands, and don’t forget to apply it “upside-down.” On the glacier, the sun can get reflected up under your chin and nose, places where sunscreen is typically not applied.
  • Sturdy hiking boots. While we can fit crampons to almost any type of footwear, you’ll be the most comfortable in a sturdy pair of boots. Wearing lightweight sneakers with crampons can create a lot of pressure points, and blisters can quickly turn an enjoyable hike into a sufferable ordeal.
  • Backpack. While you don’t need to carry much, you’ll need to carry your crampons, lunch, water bottle, and extra layers with you out on the glacier.
  • Gloves. Even if it’s a warm sunny day, a lightweight pair of gloves are required out on the glacier. This is not for warmth, but rather to protect your hands in the event of a fall. The glacier ice can be very abrasive, so protective gloves are required.

So check your bag before you head out to McCarthy, and in the event one of these things is missing, let us know. We’ve got a few loaner items available (they might not be the most stylish!), but they can work in a pinch!

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