Tech Tip – How to Beat the Bugs in McCarthy

alaska glacier hikersAlaska is a big land full of big mountains, big rivers, and big wilderness. But have you also heard of our big mosquito population? Chances are, if you come for a visit from late June to the end of July, you’ll have a few encounters with the Alaska state bird. But (as with anything in Alaska), with careful planning and a few good tips from your Alaska mountain guide, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Enjoy these tips on how to “beat the bugs” on your next trip to Alaska!

Go on the glacier! With the lack of vegetation and consistent breeze, this is a great place to get relief from the bugs! Prepare to be bug-free during your time spent out on the ice.
Bring a headnet! This cheap, lightweight, and packable item should be on your gear list, and always in your pack. It prevents bugs from biting your face, buzzing in your ears, or accidentally going up your nose.
DEET is best! While we’ve tried several alternative methods, we’ve found DEET to be the best deterrent for the bugs. Keeping a small bottle in your backpack for mosquito-emergencies can completely salvage your hiking or rafting trip.
Keep moving, and choose your rest points carefully. Have you ever noticed the mosquitoes get worse when you take a break on a hike? It’s no surprise that they’re more likely to feast on a stationary human than one on the move. Therefore, try to keep a good pace on your hikes, and choose open, breezy rest points, where the moving air can help keep the bugs at bay.
Don’t forget to pack your good attitude! Alaska is just as beautiful whether the mosquitoes are joining you or not, so don’t forget to enjoy the views and vast wilderness of our amazing state!

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