Root Glacier Day Spa Package Trip

A pleasure-filled day of pampering and relaxation for mind and body. Join us for our latest Day Trip offering, the Full-Day Kennicott Glacier Day Spa Package Trip!


Full-Day Root Glacier Day Spa Package Trip


We’ve created a special alpine spa package featuring local and uniquely Alaskan treatments sure to delight and leave you feeling 5 years younger (at least!).

SEAG sauna

The day begins at our headquarters in McCarthy where your guide will have our wood-fired dry sauna hot and ready for you. Soak your tired feet in an Epsom salts foot bath featuring fragrant local botanicals. Traditional birch branch bundles are provided for optional full-body deep exfoliation. Sweat out your mosquito bites and emerge, warmed up, cleansed, and refreshed.

Hop into our 15-passenger van for a short ride to the glacial lake and its sensational thixotropic mud! Detox with a 20min full-body cool mud bath. Soak and scrub the skin with the rich minerals of ancient glacial silt. Rinse off in the pure, clear waters of the swimming hole to find your skin angel soft and glowing. Towels and robes provided.

Guides play in thixotropic mud

Next, we focus on unwinding the mind and nurturing a state of completely relaxed bliss. Once you’re dry and comfortably seated back in the van, your guide begins a monotone recital of the fascinating local history and your eyes slowly glaze over as you lose yourself in dates and impressive figures. Enjoy a complimentary 20min gluteal and occasional cranial massage from the uneven bumps and rumbles of the historic road on your peaceful drive up to Kennecott.

Upon arrival in the abandoned mining town, we’ll bypass our busy office and head straight to National Creek where we’ll post up near the babbling stream and just under the 14-story Concentration Mill. Here, we’ll concentrate on the crushing, sorting, and eventually bagging processes that moved high-grade copper oar through the mill so many years ago to reach a deep, meditative trance…Once full zen is achieved, we’ll reinvigorate the body with a 2mi hike toward the Root Glacier. If you hear a rustling in the bushes, close your eyes and walk toward the noise with open arms for a wonderfully healing self-administered porcupine quill acupuncture treatment.

A porcupine in the fall leaves

Don crampons and make your way onto the gleaming white ice and strip down to your bare essentials and sunglasses – remember that even on an overcast day, the sun’s UV rays are reflected off of the ice and if they are strong enough to potentially blind you, they will certainly get you tan! Lather up in our house-made, organic tanning oil to get the most out of this speed-tan procedure. Explore the beautiful glacial features as your guide leads you to a nearby blue pool – deep, pristine, and clear. Here, your guide will set you up for your final treatment – our world-famous, full-body cryogenic glacial pool immersion! Practice deep breathing as your sore muscles scream and tighten from the cold shock, tingle with pins and needles, and eventually become completely numb. Ah, what a feeling! When you’re ready to get out, your guide will haul you out onto a prepared blue pad and have a steaming cup of hot cocoa ready for you to begin the rewarming process. We recommend “flushing” the body through several cycles of cooling and rewarming for maximum benefit!

A swimmer in the crystal blue waters of a glacial blue pool


Now that you are fully cleansed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, put your hiking clothes back on and head back to Kennecott. Experience immediate relief and float up the rocky steps of the trail, skipping into town, reinvigorated and inspired for more adventure!

Unlimited artisinal glacial water is included in the cost of your trip. Ask us about our popular “Royal Couples Deluxe Spa Package” upgrade for sparkling wine, cheese plate, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

This trip is a highly recommended supplement to any Multi-Day Adventure.

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