We usually start to take bookings for multi-day trips in the late fall – sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss our season opener!

The booking process can take a few weeks as you decide on your Trip and Trip Package details and requires back and forth communication with our office staff.

We recommend booking your Backpacking, Basecamp Hiking, Basecamp mini-Backpacking and Rafting Trips between November and May. The earlier you sign up, the more flexibility we’ll have to accommodate you, and the more availability there’ll be for exactly what you’re looking for.

As you get closer to the summer, options will dwindle and most importantly, our time will become limited as we start to focus on the upcoming season. From May to Sept, our small office staff is busy with daily operations and existing trips, and so booking during this time frame is less than ideal and considered “last-minute”. We are not able to offer Trip Package services for trips booked within 3 months of the start date, for example, and may be slower to respond during the summer months.

For Mountaineering Expeditions, we recommend booking between December and February so you have a solid plan and can have ample time to prepare your gear and train for the trip. Mountaineering expeditions should not be spontaneous, last-minute decisions as they are serious endeavors and we don’t want to jeopardize the success or safety of the team by adding a participant who has not trained or mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. For this reason, we don’t take last-minute reservations for our objective-based expeditions.

We want you to feel comfortable booking your adventures with us knowing that anything can happen between now and then. Check out our Multi-Day Trip Cancellation Policy.

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