The condition of the road varies during the course of the Summer Season (May-September), and travel is not advised during the Winter Months (November-April). If you do choose to drive down the McCarthy Road in the Summer you should keep the following in mind:

  • It is a 60-mile gravel road.
  • There are many potholes and frost heaves along the way.
  • There are narrow sections of road and soft shoulders.
  • Sharp rocks and old railroad spikes can cause flat tires, you should always travel with a spare.
  • Landslides have been known to occur on certain sections of the road, blocking progress.
  • Travel is slow going, and you shouldn’t go any more than ~35 miles per hour.
  • Always allot more time to travel the road than you think you need, we recommend 2-3 hours from Chitina (where the road begins) to McCarthy.

If you have questions about alternative transportation options in and out of the McCarthy/Kennecott Area, you can refer to our Transportation Page.

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