The best time to visit McCarthy/Kennecott and the Wrangells is June-September. This is when most of the backcountry is accessible, the National Park Service operations are running and most businesses in town, including lodging accommodations and restaurants, are open.

We start our mountaineering trips in early May, but most of our other tours are available starting Memorial Day weekend!

At the end of May it is still very quiet in town and can be a great time to avoid the crowds, however, it is still a little chilly, the bugs are just starting to come out and no fly-in destinations are accessible for hiking and backpacking. The sun sets really, really late and only for a brief time.

June remains a little quieter as the season builds up but by mid-June the wildflowers start coming out and the weather warms up significantly. Most backcountry strips become accessible toward the end of the month. The mosquitoes start to get thick toward mid-month but are easy to avoid on the glacier or while moving around. The sun won’t set until the end of August, so enjoy the land of the midnight sun!

July is considered prime-time in the Wrangells, with the warmest and typically sunniest weather and wildflowers in full bloom! It also means that this is the most popular time of year to visit so you may see more people around town than usual, especially around the 4th of July, Independence Day, holiday. July is also our heaviest mosquito time but the bugs are quite easy to avoid and not that bad, altogether. All backcountry destinations are usually accessible all month.

August continues all the joys of July, however, the mosquitoes die down significantly! The weather tends to be a bit more fickle this month, but it’s still a very pop[ular time of year to visit. Toward the very end of the month, you can catch the leaves and tundra changing colors, getting ready for fall and sun finally starting to set.

In September, the fall colors are out and they are incredible! The mosquitoes are gone too! This month can be a little cooler so you’ll want to pack some warmer layers, and most backcountry strips are still available to fly in and out of. It’s much quieter around town as the season winds down, and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

All that said, remember that Alaska’s mountain weather changes frequently and can surprise even an experienced outdoorsman! It’s been known to snow in July, not rain at all, or rain almost every day of the summer, so be prepared for just about anything!

It is also possible to visit the park in the “winter months” however please be advised that access is difficult and little support is available. We do not provide tours, shuttles, trip planning or any other kind of support or services for personal trips to the Park during the winter.

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