If you are considering getting travel insurance for your Alaska trip, then you may have heard of other types of insurance like rescue or med-evac insurance. We’re going to go over the different options and our recommendations:

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers trip cancellations, interruptions, changes, lost luggage, etc. For further details on coverage please refer to a specific travel insurance provider’s website. Most plans also include some amount of emergency medical coverage. 

  • We do recommend travel insurance for most of our guests, especially for multi-day trips, however, there isn’t a perfect policy that will work for everyone. This insurance generally extends beyond your time with St. Elias Alpine Guides and can cover your entire Alaskan vacation. 


Rescue Insurance

Rescue insurance covers the initial rescue or evacuation from the backcountry and following medical expenses. Search is typically not included and instead is a separate policy. 

  • We don’t have a particular stance on this one*. With most rescue insurance policies you must initiate the rescue yourself through the insurance provider – in the event of an emergency on one of our trips, we follow our own protocols to initiate and organize a rescue/extraction using local resources first.
  • Check with your provider to see what would be covered in an event of an in-field emergency where we initiated a rescue. Some companies will still be able to help with many other aspects of your care post backcountry extraction like medical evacuation (below), transport to your preferred hospital in your home state, or other non-extraction emergencies like delivering you life-saving medication, etc.


Medical Evacuation Insurance

Med-Evac Insurance covers the transportation costs should you need to be evacuated from the front country. This is useful for travelers who are heading to remote locations, going on a cruise, or traveling abroad. This differs from rescue insurance in that many policies will cover your expenses after the backcountry evacuation. 

  • We don’t have a particular stance on this one either*. Some folks like to be as covered as possible while others understand that the need to use something like Medical Evacuation insurance is going to be extremely unlikely, so they’ll go without. While many policies cover you outside of Alaska, our recommendation is specific to the state.




*For our Mountaineering and other Backcountry Trips, we do recommend having either Med Evac or Rescue Insurance, but we do not require it.


Please refer to this article to gain a further understanding of trip insurance policies and providers. 

We do not provide travel or rescue insurance nor do we partner with any specific insurance companies. 

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