Dave’s Denali Sandwich

tent among glaciersThis recipe has been a long-time favorite of our guides, and was recently voted “Best Backcountry Breakfast” by the 2016 SEAG guides. It’s simple to pack, easy to make, and provides lots of energy to last you all day on the trail. Brought to us by the legendary Dave “Staehl-Dogg” Staeheli (30-year mountain guiding veteran), this breakfast has been fueling Alaska climbers for decades.

Give it a try on your next adventure!

Ingredients (per serving):

  • 1 bagel
  • 2 strips of pre-cooked bacon (we recommend Costco pre-cooked bacon)
  • Cream cheese (you can buy cream cheese packets at Costco that keep well for long trips)
  • Extra butter to keep the pan nice n’ greased


Fry up your precooked bacon 1 serving at a time in a frypan, shallow pot, or a pot lid. Set bacon aside. Toast the bagels, 1 serving at a time, in the bacon fat (add extra butter for maximum deliciousness). Pro tip: hold the pot a few inches above the stove and move it often to prevent burning. Once bacon and bagels are appropriately toasted, put cream cheese on both bagel halves, put the bacon in the middle, and fold it all together into a sandwich. Dig in.

This breakfast takes a little more time than your average oatmeal, as you can only make 1 serving at a time, but in our opinion, it’s well worth the wait.

For our vegetarians, replace the bacon with dried mango slices for a sweeter sandwich!

Bon Appetit!

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