Guide Spotlight – Tristan McCutcheon

alaskan guide skiingDon’t let his clean face and golden locks fool you, Tristan is an avid outdoorsman and excels at almost every outdoor pursuit that he sets his mind to! Getting his start in the mountains as an alpine ski racer, he expanded his experience to include nordic and backcountry skiing. But he doesn’t just do sports that require two sticks strapped to his feet! He’s also an avid ice climber, has been known to pedal around the mountains on his bike, and absolutely loves unplugging for a long backpacking trip.

Like most of us here at SEAG, Tristan fell in love with the mountains – and we’re thankful he did! Making his way out to McCarthy in 2018, he first joined us as an intern. It was in his first year that he got to join one of our long-time guides on a backpacking trip. Due to extreme rain and low cloud coverage, the group unexpectedly got an extra three days out in the backcountry. While some people might need a few days to recover, Tristan just gobbled up 12 eggs (cooked) and was ready to go for his next adventure. We think it had something to do with the wolf, bear, and caribou that he saw one day while collecting water – the ultimate wildlife sighting, and extremely rare! 

Whatever the reason, we’re happy that Tristan keeps coming back for more adventures. Join him this summer for the trip of a lifetime!

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