Guide Spotlight – Kristin Laue

alaska guide with mountainsIf you call up our office to book a trip, ask a question, or just to say hi, chances are you’ll chat with Kristin on the other end of the line. Working the office since 2014, Kristin came to us from Ely, Minnesota, having previously worked for an outfitter in the Boundary Waters. While she still loves to go back and visit her old paddling grounds, she’s enamored with the remote wilderness and stark beauty of Alaska, as well as all the adventures held within its mountains. We’re enamored with her hard work ethic, impeccable organization skills, and quick (although often sarcastic) wit, and are happy to call her our Office Manager.

Between taking day reservations, scheduling guides, and even fixing our broken-down vehicles, there’s nothing she can’t do! (Did we mention she used to be a motorcycle mechanic?!?) We rely on her impressive level of organization, and refer to her as the “collective memory of SEAG management” due to her ability to remember small (yet very important) details. It’s not uncommon to see her manning the office on a busy day in July, answering a phone, directing guides, and processing a payment – all at the same time!

Out of the office, some of her favorite trips in the Wrangells include the Iceberg Lake Basecamp and the Copper River, with their expansive rugged mountain views. In 2019, she’s hoping to explore even more of the Wrangells, and has her eyes on the Journey to Oz trip. Great idea Kristin!

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