Guide Spotlight – Daniel Osborne

wrangell st elias guideIf you could choose only one word to describe Daniel, it would be “stoked.” A term typically used by guides and outdoor junkies, it describes “being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.” Yep, that’s Daniel. Whether it’s guiding a hike on the root glacier, a rafting trip down the river, or a multi-day backpacking through the wilds of the Wrangells, his undying energy and enthusiasm for the Alaska mountains shines through.

He initially became hooked on the Great AK after competing in the Alaska Wilderness Classic, a rugged, grueling adventure race that occurs each summer. The objective? Get from Point A to Point B by any human-powered means possible. There is no set route, and no support stations along the way. You must traverse the terrain on foot carrying everything you need on your back. What a challenge!

When not guiding on the glacier, rivers, or in the backcountry, Daniel can often be found spending his evenings and days off exploring the area by packraft. This is a small, inflatable single-person raft that can be used to navigate whitewater. In the Wrangells, Daniel has navigated McCarthy Creek, the Kennicott River, and the Nizina River, and is always eyeing up Alaska’s waterways for more adventurous routes. So if you end up on a trip with Daniel, get excited. You’re in for some serious “stoke.”

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