A few days ago, we wrapped up our 2020 summer season and the Wrangell Mountains helped us celebrate with beautiful fall foliage and fresh-fallen snow on the peaks! We can’t think of a better place to spend the summer and couldn’t be happier with all the adventures that were had. Now that things have quieted down, we’ve spent some time going through our photos from the season and wanted to share some of our favorite memories with you! Thanks to all who joined us on a trip, and keep on adventuring!

alaska mountaineers

Clients Jason and John climbing high above Iceberg Lake on their Intro to Mountaineering Course in the Chugach Mountains!

alaska wilderness rafting

Guide Sarah rows a raft (complete with her pirate flag) and soaks in the sunshine with clients Vikki and Steve on a 5-day Nizina River Rafting trip!

alaska ice climber

Client Tanguy digging deep and climbing an ice wall on the Root Glacier on a 3-Day Ice Climbing Camp!

people carrying a raft

Guide Bryce and Owner Cody competing in the “Raft Relay” during our 4th of July celebration – St. Elias Alpine Guides’ first-annual “Guide Olympics!”

glacier kayaking

Client Tom explores the icebergs of Nizina Lake on our Fly-In Nizina Glacier Kayaking trip!

camp with lake and mountains

Guide Samantha captured this beautiful shot of her backpacking camp on our 7-day Journey to Oz trip!

people standing in glacial mud

Guides Mike and Ryan play in the thixotropic glacial mud along the Chitina River on a guide training trip! By agitating the mud, they caused themselves to sink down into it like quicksand!

alaska glacier climbing

The ladies of our first-annual Women’s Backpacking Trip capped off an incredible 5-day backpacking trip with a day of ice climbing on the Root Glacier!

backpacking with snowy peaks

Backpackers taking in the beautiful view on the Chugach Mountain Circuit!

wrangell st elias rafting

Guide Sarah and clients Charles and Kassandra raft past the towering limestone cliffs of Nizina Canyon on the Raft and Flightsee trip!

alaska hikers with mountains

Backpackers enjoy the soft tundra hiking as they navigate the Chitistone Goat Trail on a 5-day trip!

sunset over glacier

Guide Harrison captured this beautiful sunset over the Kennicott Valley, with Mt. Blackburn leaving quite the shadow across the sky!

st elias alpine guides

Thanks for the great 2020 season!

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