The “officially not necessarily for profit, but giving because we like to give” branch of St. Elias Alpine Guides

Our loosely stated mission is, “Having personal knowledge of individuals with high quality, dynamic values in challenging circumstances, and giving them a tool with which they can realize their own goals.” The Nana Foundation… helping people help the world through international charity and sponsorship.

The purpose of the Nana Foundation is to provide assistance to individuals and organizations in impoverished or otherwise difficult situations throughout the world with a specific dream and the ability to make positive change in their communities and culture. Specifically, the Nana Foundation supports causes for individual rights, political reform, local business and industry, as well as the preservation of wild lands, which are unique, beautiful, meaningful and magnificent, for the enjoyment of generations to come.

In some cases, financial assistance may stand alone as a donation to a cause or an organization. In other situations, the Nana Foundation may sponsor an individual to assist them in earning the money to meet specific goals.

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