Lead tours through the abandoned mining town of Kennecott!

A Historical Tour Leader will take clients on 2-hr tours of the old Kennecott Mill Building complex. Historical Tour Leaders receive study materials to be familiar with prior to arriving in McCarthy and extensive training upon arrival. Although not required, speaking multiple languages can be a significant asset. This is an opportunity to live in a remote, Alaska bush community, work with outdoor enthusiasts and engaged clientele.

Kennecott Historical Tour Guide tells clients about the town with views of Mt. Blackburn, the Kennicott Glacier and the Mill Buildings in the background.Historical tour leaders usually also work as office team members and/or hiking guides.

Interested applicants should be very comfortable talking in front of groups, have an interest in history, and be friendly and personable. See a full list of qualifications HERE.

To apply, send a cover letter stating your interest in working for us along with a detailed and current work history resume and summary of outdoor experience to jobs@steliasguides.com.

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