Iceberg Basecamp Trekking

Remote Alaska hiking & an icy surprise

True to its name, Iceberg Lake is filled with icebergs. These icebergs, however, aren’t the floating kind. In fact, most of the lake has no water in it at all and the icebergs are sitting on the ground! Iceberg Lake is typical of many Alaskan lakes that are formed when a glacier dams up a river. Typically, at some point in the season, the ice-dam fails and the water that is backed up releases in an event called a jokulhlaup.

Located 45 minutes south of McCarthy, we'll take a spectacular bush flight to access this alpine paradise nestled in the Chugach Mountains. A setting surrounded by rugged peaks and hanging glaciers combined with relatively easy tundra hiking, and you can see why Iceberg Lake is a fantastic destination for a base camping trip. No previous experience is necessary and we welcome everyone to experience this unspoiled paradise!

 Trip Highlights:

  • Exploring the eerie blue icebergs left sitting on a dry lakebed
  • Day hiking to beautiful alpine lakes and on moving glaciers
  • Magnificent views of the Bagley Icefield
  • Base camping near spectacular rugged peaks and hanging glaciers

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