Ice Cave Exploration

Under the edge of the Kennicott Glacier is a world that few get to see and experience. Glowing blue walls of ice, light seeping through cracks and holes, rushing and dripping water and loose rock and mud shifting under foot - this is not a journey for the faint of heart or shaky of foot, but one you'll not want to miss if you're up for the challenge!

This trip can be very challenging. IT IS FOR FIT AND EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY! For that reason, we require that you participate in a half or full day glacier hike with us prior to signing up for this trip, and will not accept advance bookings unless you are a previous client of ours. If you'd like to see ice caves and/or similar features but do not have a lot of experience we recommend signing up for our full-day glacier hike, where you will have the highest likelihood of finding blue ice and/or tunnel-like features on the surface of the glacier.

You may also contact us to inquire about a custom/private full day glacier hike, where your guide may choose to take you to an ice cave at their discretion depending on your abilities and current conditions.

Trip Highlights:

  • Blue light passing through walls of ice
  • Views out through cave entrance
  • Touching different textures of ice walls and ceiling
  • Feeling separate from the whole world

We run these trips daily at 10am and 3pm or on demand for groups of 4 or more. Last minute bookings only, glacier hike required prior to booking.

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