Advanced Team Fraser on Top of the World

We just got another dispatch from the crew out on the Bagley, and they are on top of the world! “Advanced Team Fraser” of Scott, Kristin, Jason and Chris just summited 10,240foot Flight Path Peak between the Baldwin and Fraser Glaciers.

Listen to their gleeful dispatch here: Training Trip Dispatch 2

And this is where they are:

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SEAG Crew on the Baldwin Glacier

alaska guide climbing trip

It’s another season and here’s our first trip dispatch for 2015! Our returning guide staff is starting out their summer right with 10 days on the Baldwin Glacier near the east end of the Bagley Icefield.

Here’s a map of approximately where they are:

And here is Sarah’s dispatch¬†from this afternoon:

Baldwin Glacier Dispatch #1

Photos will be coming soon as Wayne is flying back this evening (gotta cut his trip short get back to the office and get ready for the season!), so we should have photos and details from him soon.

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Summiting Mt. Pandora

Our First Ascents team decided to celebrate their true first ascent of peak 11,430 this week, and head next for a seldom climbed but very attractive peak nearby: 12,610ft Mount Pandora. They left two dispatches along the way. Take a look at the map and listen to their updates from high camp (in a crevasse!) and the summit…

mt pandora alaska climb

Sat phone dispatches from the mountain:

High Camp on Mt. Pandora

Summit of Mt. Pandora

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Another First Ascent for SEAG!

Congratulations to our First Ascents team of 6, all of whom summitted Peak 11,430 in the University Range yesterday! To the best of our knowledge, this is the first ever climb of this beautiful peak. Nice work Scott, Lucas, Matt, Michael, Masahito and Jim!

Listen to their dispatch reporting on the climb:

Summit of Peak 11,430

first ascent peak 11430

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On the Summit of Mt. Blackburn!

They did it! Our team of 7 made it to the summit of Mt. Blackburn yesterday evening at approximately 5:30pm. They left this great dispatch just minutes after arriving at the peak. Take a listen!

Blackburn Summit Dispatch

Congratulations to Dave, Bennett, Scott, Matthew, Fiona, Adam and Alex on a successful climb and have a safe trip home!

mt blackburn descent

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