Top 100 Trail Miles in the National Parks

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Still trying to figure out your 2016 summer vacation plans? We’re familiar with the late-April scramble to put your summer trip together. For hikers and backpackers, we can’t help but recommend Backpacker Magazine’s 100 Best National Park Trail Miles. Now, it’d be quite tricky (but definitely not impossible) to string all 100 miles together in one trip (unless you’ve got lots of vacation time and airline miles stored up) – but why not pick one park and explore their best trails?

Call us biased, but we think the hiking the Goat Trail to Skolai Pass in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park are the best 10 miles on the list (and definitely the only ones remote enough to require bush plane access). This route combines pleasant tundra hiking with spectacular valley, mountain, and glacier views. The last few miles of the hike through Skolai pass offer incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, as bears and caribou frequent the area. We offer 4 – 6 day versions of this hike, giving you options for day hikes around Skolai Pass at the end of your trip.

All in all, it’s one of our favorite trips in the park, and we’re excited that the experts at Backpacker Magazine think so too!

We’ve got several trips scheduled for 2016, and would love to have you join us! Click here for more details, or contact us to discuss the options!

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Guide Spotlight – Anya Voskresensky

Born in Russia, but raised in the flatlands of Minnesota, Anya discovered the wonders of the outdoors by canoeing and hiking from an early age. She moved to the mountains of Northwest Montana in her 20’s and hasn’t looked back. We’ve been happy to have Anya up in McCarthy for the last few years, not only for her great guiding skills, rapport with clients, and positive attitude, but because she cooks some of the most amazing food the Powerhouse has ever seen! In-between rock climbing, backpacking, ice climbing and skiing, she still finds the time to create delicious dishes to share with the SEAG crew.

Oh, and did we mention she’s an artist too? Drawn to the beauty of the mountains and the wilderness around her, she enjoys painting, drawing, and is also a mosaic artist! Keep your eyes peeled for some of her artwork around town. When she’s not cooking and creating art, Anya is very driven in the climbing world. She has climbed extensively throughout the western U.S., and is always thirsty to explore new areas and terrain to conquer. Although we’re unable to pronounce her last name, we’re excited to have Anya on staff, and look forward to many more years of adventures! Click here to meet more of the SEAG crew!

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Another Fun Summit!

One last post from our First Ascents team that returns home tomorrow. Despite some very bad weather luck that kept them from flying out for 4 days and then made their climbs very challenging, the team of 4 sounds like they had a great trip and are looking forward to their return in the morning. We’ll have the sauna hot for them!

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First Ascents Trip Summit!

We got a super fun dispatch from our First Ascents crew this morning. After a 4 day weather delay (!!) they finally got out on Sunday morning, but instead of going to the area originally selected (near the eastern end of the Bagley Icefield), they headed for the only area that had flyable weather: north of McCarthy to the ridgeline on the other side of Mt. Blackburn. They had their eye on Peak 11,191, which has an uncertain history of possibly one or maybe no successful summits, but the records are fuzzy.

After an unsuccessful attempt at the peak two days ago (the blustery, white-out conditions shut them down), they reached the summit this morning and joyous celebrating ensued! Listen to the dispatch and wish them luck as they finish out their trip with a few more fun days of climbing in that beautiful area.

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Advanced Team Fraser on Top of the World

We just got another dispatch from the crew out on the Bagley, and they are on top of the world! “Advanced Team Fraser” of Scott, Kristin, Jason and Chris just summited 10,240foot Flight Path Peak between the Baldwin and Fraser Glaciers.

Listen to their gleeful dispatch here: Training Trip Dispatch 2

And this is where they are:

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