Another First Ascent for SEAG!

Congratulations to our First Ascents team of 6, all of whom summitted Peak 11,430 in the University Range yesterday! To the best of our knowledge, this is the first ever climb of this beautiful peak. Nice work Scott, Lucas, Matt, Michael, Masahito and Jim!

Listen to their dispatch reporting on the climb:

Summit of Peak 11,430

first ascent peak 11430

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On the Summit of Mt. Blackburn!

They did it! Our team of 7 made it to the summit of Mt. Blackburn yesterday evening at approximately 5:30pm. They left this great dispatch just minutes after arriving at the peak. Take a listen!

Blackburn Summit Dispatch

Congratulations to Dave, Bennett, Scott, Matthew, Fiona, Adam and Alex on a successful climb and have a safe trip home!

mt blackburn descent

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Update from Mt. Blackburn

After three days of sitting in a tent, our team on Mt. Blackburn moved up through a white-out blizzard on Monday and were rewarded with sunny skies yesterday to continue their climb. Today is bluebird, so we are confident they are working hard towards the summit. Click below to hear their dispatch last night from their camp at 9,600feet.

Blackburn dispatch 6-3-14

And here’s what the mountain looks like from our office this morning. I’m sure it’s a magnificent day up there!

mt blackburn from kennecott

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Successful Summit of Mt Bear!

We got a dispatch from our guides on Mt. Bear this evening, and sounds like all is very well up there. They reached the peak this afternoon at 2pm and skied off the summit!

Click below to listen to their dispatch.
“There’s no place like Alaska, and there’s no Alaska like the Wrangell-St. Elias!”

Mt Bear Dispatch

Now they have 5 more days to relax, climb and ski in the area before heading home.

Photo below is not this trip, but I’m sure this is how they felt and what it looked like!

Summit celebration on Mt Bear

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Gorgeous Clear Skies on Mt. Bear

The last three days have had gorgeous clear skies for our climbers on Mt. Bear. We haven’t gotten a dispatch yet, but we can easily imagine that they are doing some serious climbing and enjoying the magnificence of the St. Elias Range in this spectacular weather. We flew along the other side of the mountain yesterday evening and snapped this picture of the almost full moon rising over the ridgeline. We’ll keep you updated when we get a dispatch from the field!


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