Mt. Bona Summit on a Beautiful Afternoon!

We haven’t been following our Mt. Bona trip as closely as we did the Blackburn climb mainly because they aren’t using a GPS tracking device (and, ok, we’ll acknowledge that the lead guide on this trip, Dave, is a little more “old-school” and less liberal in his use of sat phones and other technology!), but we are happy to report that 3 of the 5 team members successfully summited 16,421ft Mt. Bona this afternoon about 2pm. Here’s Dave’s dispatch:

Mt. Bona Team on the Summit, 2:30pm on June 23

climbing mt bona alaska

Client Sue and assistant guide Cody stayed in camp at 12,000ft. We don’t know what situation made her unable to continue to the summit (likely difficulty with the altitude), but hopefully they are enjoying the beautiful day from their perch and will welcome the rest of the team back to camp shortly!

Here’s their dispatch from yesterday evening:

14,000ft High Camp on Mt. Bona

mountaineering camp on mt bona alaska

We hope to see the whole team back here in McCarthy by Sunday afternoon at the latest (weather permitting as always!).

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Wilderness Recipe – Moroccan Couscous

Tired of Rice and Oatmeal? Spice it up with this tasty dinner!

camping by glacierAre you tired of the same old bland backpacking dinners? If you’re like us, you’re always on the search for good backpacking recipes to add to your repertoire. If they can be cooked in one pot, that’s even better! Here’s a great one that’s quick and easy, with lots of spices to break up the monotony of oatmeal and trail mix. Continue reading

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Blackburn Team on the Summit!

They did it! All 5 members of our team reached the summit of 16,394ft Mt. Blackburn at approximately 1pm. They left their camp at 12,400ft at 3:30am, so it was a long trip up the gradual summit ridge, but they sound happy and excited. Take a listen!

Blackburn Team on the Summit!

And here’s a summit shot of guides Scott, Dave and Bennet from our 2014 expedition. Hopefully we’ll be posting pictures from this year’s trip in just a couple of days!


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Team Blackburn Battling Deep Snow!

Team Blackburn left a dispatch this morning and also called in for a weather update. They spent 9 hour yesterday afternoon and evening making it a mere 1,000ft up the ridge in waist-head deep snow, and camped in a crevasse at 10,800ft. Despite the herculean effort required and slow progress, they are cheerful and ready to continue upwards. They plan to move camp higher today and hopefully be within striking distance of the summit for tomorrow or Thursday. Take a listen here:

Blackburn Battling Deep Snow at 10,800ft

Here’s a shot from a high camp on Blackburn back in 2014…

climb mt blackburn alaska

Good luck on your summit bid boys!

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New Guide Training – Iceberg Hopping

It’s the beginning of summer, which means it’s time for our new guides to complete their training. Our rigorous training program lasts several weeks, and covers everything from local/mining history to glacier travel and physical training. To train in agility, we’ve invented our own version of American Ninja Warrior – navigating floating icebergs in a glacial pond – without falling into the freezing cold water! Check out guide Jules’ quick feet as he navigates the broken ice chunks on the glacier!

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