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The Wrangell/St. Elias region is little known and seldom visited. This is a tremendous advantage for those of us who relish solitude and enjoy true exploration. Its obscurity, however, does make it more expensive for potential adventurers who are traveling alone or in pairs, as not all of our scheduled trips get enough participants to run.

If you are planning at least 2 months in advance and have at least 2 people in your party, we will guarantee the departure of any of our scheduled trips. However, if you are travelling alone or are planning more last minute, or if you simply prefer the camaraderie of a slightly larger group, this is a great place to look for trips that are sure to go!

Some of these trips have special pricing, and others are simply our group prices and dates that are already confirmed departures, so you know that even if you’re traveling alone, your trip will be sure to go! These are not the only trips available, so be sure to contact us for more suggestions.

Trip Details

Price: $4,950
Trip Length: 17 Days Difficulty: For the fit & experienced
At 16,390 ft. (4,995 m), Mt. Blackburn is the tallest peak in the Wrangell Mountains and the fifth highest peak in the United States. A challenging peak, Blackburn is ideal for the mountaineer looking for a "full-on" Alaskan peak without having to take a month away from family and work.
May 12-25, 2015
Price: 2,350
Trip Length: 5 Days Difficulty: Minimal experience required
This unique and seldom-traveled Alaska backcountry trip features bush-plane access deep into the wilderness, moderate to strenuous hiking opportunities, and rafting the glacial Nizina River from it's source to where it joins the Chitina River.
June 20-24, July 18-22, 2015
Price: $1,450
Trip Length: 4 Days Difficulty: All ages & abilities welcome!
The Bremner Mine is a 40-minute bush plane flight south of McCarthy, and is nestled in an alpine pass between the Chitina and Bremner Rivers. Designated the Bremner Historic District, this abandoned gold mine provides a unique glimpse into what it was like to be part of the great "gold rush" to Alaska a century ago.
June 28 - July 1, 2015
Custom Dates Available
Price: $975
Trip Length: 5 Days Difficulty: Moderate
Come experience the wild beauty of Alaska while backpacking with us on the Glacier and Tundra Exploration trip. The Wrangell St. Elias is home to massive glaciers, lofty mountain peaks, and lush, tundra-carpeted valleys. This trip gives you a great sampling of the variety of terrain found in the park as you travel through one of its most breathtaking glacial valleys.
June 15-19, July 13-17, Aug 3-7, Aug 17-21, 2015
Custom Dates Available
Price: $1,650
Trip Length: 7 Days Difficulty: Moderate
Traversing some of the most stunning terrain in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the Kennecott to the Lakina River Trek gives backpackers a healthy helping of wild Alaska. The route crosses lumbering glaciers, high passes, and pristine alpine tundra as you make your way from the historic copper mining town of Kennecott to a remote landing strip on the Lakina River.
July 5-11, July 19-25, August 2-8, 2015
Custom Dates Available
Price: $2,750
Trip Length: 8 Days Difficulty: Customized based on goals & ability
Exploring the mountains with knowledge and experience allows climbers to move "fast and light." The Alpine Light Expedition is an introduction to this method of Alaska mountaineering.
June 26th - July 3rd, 2015
Custom Dates Available
Price: $4,775
Trip Length: 14 Days Difficulty: Customized based on goals & ability
The magic of the Wrangell and St. Elias Ranges are the myriad of unexplored peaks and glaciers. There are few exotic places left on this earth where a climber can experience the deep awe of exploring mountains no one has ever set foot on. The First Ascents Expeditions are designed for climbers who want to weave exploration together with climbing, who want to climb in solitude and in true wilderness.
May 31 - June 13, 2015
Custom dates available
Price: 2,200
Trip Length: 7 Days Difficulty: For the fit & experienced
If you're looking for a longer trek through an incredible variety of stunning Alaskan terrain, this trip is for you. Starting at the site of the historic Bremner gold mine in the Chugach Mountains, this route ascends high passes, crosses lush tundra, and winds across massive glaciers on its way to breathtaking Iceberg Lake. The diversity and expansiveness of the terrain provides a worthy challenge and will keep even seasoned backpackers intrigued. Some backpacking experience is recommended and strong physical condition is a must.
July 18th - 24th, 2014
Custom Dates Available
Price: 4,950
Trip Length: 16 Days Difficulty: Minimal experience required
The Source to Sea Expedition is the ultimate Alaska Rafting Trip. Starting with a bush plane flight into the glacier at the headwaters of the Nizina River and ending on the delta of the mighty Copper River, this amazing journey will take you from the interior to the coast on the most amazing journey of your life.
June 19-July 4, July 17-Aug 1, 2015
Price: 1,375
Trip Length: 4 Days Difficulty: All ages & abilities welcome!
When we picture the perfect setting for a base camp, the alpine tundra of Skolai Pass is right at the top. To the south, this remote valley is flanked by the exotic Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier with its seven icy tongues. To the north, the mighty Frederika Glacier lumbers down towards Skolai Valley. To the east, lofty Chitistone Pass is cloaked in wildflowers, dotted with pristine alpine lakes. All of our favorite elements of Alaska rolled into one great location.
July 24th - 27th, 2014 - Guaranteed departure even for just one person
August 11th - 14th, 2014 - requires 2 or more people to book

Custom Dates Available