Guide Dream Trips

True Alaskan Wilderness Expeditions!

alaska wilderness expeditionsHere we will post trips dreamed up and designed by our senior guides. These are Alaska Wilderness Expeditions that, to the best of our knowledge, have never been done before. The trips might range from moderate to extremely strenuous, but one thing you can be sure of – your guide will be at least as excited to be on the trip as you will be!

If you are interested in joining our senior staff on one of their adventures, please contact us. Pricing will depend on time-frame and number of people. These trips will be priced on the low side in an effort to encourage exploration, adventure and the dreams of our most accomplished guides!

Trip Details

Price: TBD
Trip Length: Approx. 2 weeks Difficulty: For the fit & experienced
For someone looking for an epic historical adventure, this trip would start with a flight, progress by foot, and end in a packraft, having covered nearly a hundred miles, starting in the United States and ending in Canada.