My trip in Alaska had been so wonderful that I have a lot of energy to restart working... The hike was one of my greatest experience I ever had. The longest, the most difficult and a discovery of an environment new for me.

Personally I discovered that I could do something very difficult; we hiked a lot with great difference of altitude each day. Physically it was very challenging, and it was great to realize that I have resources to do that. I learned to challenge difficulties... and today I still use this experience when I am in difficult situations to gain confidence.
On the landscape level, the several glaciers are so unique. So overall it is an unforgettable trip.

Patrick A.

Doug and I have great memories of that trip [to Donoho] and how smoothly it went. Most of that we credit to your skill...

We still can't get over how good the food was. Doug went to British Columbia in July on kayak trip and to hear him tell it - nearly starved. You're a tough act to follow.

Thanks for making our trip such a wonderful experience.

Mark and Doug from NC
father & son trip

We booked an 8-day backpacking trip through Chistone Canyon via the Goat Trail July 2010 and had the time of our lives! The entire crew was competent, careful and professional. Our guide was a good cook and cared for us beyond any expectations. He was a knowledgable docent, a tolerable harpoon player and a patient teacher. We are back just as soon as possible!

Mark L (Goat Trail 2010)

The St. Elias Guides (Tyler and Katy) who lead the Mountain House Ski Mountaineering trip were extremely personable and knowledgeable. The minute I met them, it felt like we had been friends for years. I never felt like they were guides – it felt like a “friends trip”. They provided a really custom-feel to the trip by tailoring the activities to what I wanted. If I wanted to ski, we would ski; if I wanted to learn about avalanche safety and glacier travel, they would teach me; if I wanted to try some steep ascents and descents, we would do that; if we needed rest, we would do that. Both the nature of the trip and the guides allowed for such a customized feel. Could not have asked for a better experience!

Peter B
Mountain House

Your company did an outstanding job! Every guide was excellent. Young men and women of great character and experience! They were great! Knowledgeable and not overbearing. Good natured & good with the kids. Exceeded our expectations!

Scout Troop 766
Glacier and Tundra Trek

It's a tough call, but I'd have to say that the journey from Kennecott to the Lakina River is the best backpacking trip in Wrangell St Elias National Park - possibly the best backpacking trip in Alaska! One a clear day, the views from the ridgelines surrounding Lakina Pass are the best I've ever had.

Wayne Marrs
Owner, St Elias Alpine Guides

In a mountaineering trip the journey is more important then the destination - choose the St. Elias Guides for leadership through service.

Yuri L.
Albany, NY

Exceptional guides, exceptional team, exceptional guide company. Exceeded my expectations. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew L.
Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Matt was amazing in helping to coordinate and assist in me finally getting out. I received everything I needed to make a informed decision on which trip to take. Matt responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. I had everything I needed to have a great and memorable trip.
Chad has an amazing ability to keep his head held high with poise and character through the toughest of situations. That allowed for me to have additional comfort that things were under control. Chad was exactly what I think a professional mountain guide should be.
You guys were so gracious and good it was hard to leave to go home.

Sean L.
Anchorage, AK

The food was great. Full-blown breakfasts and dinners every day, and many of them better than what I eat at home (at least when I am doing the cooking). In my short climbing career, this was the first time I ate real bacon and eggs in the morning and salmon curry in the evening. I could get used to it.

Richard Doren
Expedition Course

Mt. Blackburn is a spectacular climb. After staring at it from the Kennicott Valley for so many years, to stand on top of it was an incredible experience..

Blackburn has everything you could ask for in a climb. Altitude, route-finding through crazy seracs, cool ridge climbing, steep snow, and powder turns. I could sit and stare out at the view of the Wrangell Mountains from the northwest ridge all day long. That's saying a lot from a guy who has a hard time sitting still!

Matt Vial
General Manager, Guide St. Elias Alpine Guides

"One of my enduring memories is the vastness and magnificence of the landscape. I can also report that we did not see another person during our trek... This is a seriously beautiful place... I feel privileged to have been guided by [St Elias Alpine Guides]. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other trekkers. This is an amazing part of the world and I am glad I saw it with such responsible people .”

Tiernan O. - Australia
Seven Pass Route

“Choosing our adventure” each and every day…everything was great – the food, the campsite, the hiking, the flights in and out…never dined so well on a backpacking trip!

Our guides were both professional and personable…we had fun, we learned, and we had freedom to do our own thing. This was my first experience with a guide and I’ve decided that’s the best way to travel!!

Mike L, Illinois
Skolai Basecamp

Everything was excellent - the flight over, the companionship, the awesome scenery and, of course, the hiking... a truly enjoyable adventure.

[Our] guides felt like family. They were fabulous, very personable, professional and helpful.

Skelly M, California
Skolai Basecamp

We wanted to tell you straight away how much we have enjoyed the Source to the Sea trip. The trip was a tremendous success for us due to the skill, professionalism, knowledge, commitment and humor of Kevin and Carleton. We had a really fantastic time and learnt a great deal about the wilderness we travelled through from them both. We will remember them and the rest of the crew for a very long time. There were moments of seriousness and quietness which we enjoyed of course but it feels as if we laughed and sang our way down those marvelous rivers. Many many thanks.

John K
Source to Sea

Matt is really the embodiment of what I’ve come to know as the professional guide mentality. He was personable but professional, always there when needed, always ready to help, very flexible, very well prepared. I would give my highest recommendation to Matt as a guide.

Tom W
Iceberg Lake Basecamp 2009

Having been to Alaska once previously on a family trip, I looked forward to experiencing the remoteness, vastness, and beauty of the Alaskan wilderness that lies beyond the usual tourist routes.

Wrangell-St. Elias NP is, in my experience, one of the best places to find that experience, and St. Elias Alpine Guides is a great way to do it. From our arrival in McCarthy to our departure, our guide, Matt, was the ideal guide. Plans were well laid but flexible, and we really felt like we had free reign of the area around Iceberg Lake.

The flight in was incredible, and the area is one of the most beautiful and remote places I’ve ever visited. We had the fortune of perfect weather and hiked, climbed, and explored the glacier upstream to our hearts’ content.

The base camp Matt brought was fairly luxurious for someone accustomed to Spartan backpacking. I felt a little guilty... almost.

I would give my highest recommendation to the park and SEAG - especially Matt - to anyone who is looking for the real remote, rugged, and incredibly beautiful Alaska. The trip was perfect, and I could not be more pleased to have gone.

Tom W
Iceberg Lake Basecamp

My husband, Jay and I were looking for a unique way to explore Alaska and end up having the experience of a lifetime thanks to St. Elias Alpine Guides. Amongst our adventures we experienced the thrill of being flown into a remote section of the park to hike up mountains and explore glaciers that very few people have ever explored or seen was amazing. From the booking of our unique adventure to the conclusion of our trip we couldn’t have felt more satisfied with our decision to book with St. Elias Alpine Guides. With so many Guide Services to choose from it is important to pick a guide service that has the experience, professionalism, and care in delivering the experience you seek. That is St. Elias Alpine Guides. A company that treats you like family and works hard to ensure you have the best time of your life.

Judith B
Iceberg Lake Basecamp 2010

Upon meeting Ben we instantly knew we were in good hands. We immediately felt he was a perfect match for us as we discussed what type of experience we were looking for and some of the adventures we had had in the past. He gave us some suggestions on what to do at Iceberg Lake and we were off and running. His adventurous nature and his love for history gave us exactly the adventure we were looking for. Each day we picked a destination and with his knowledge he helped us forage every obstacle.

The landscape of Iceberg Lake was an entirely new environment for Jay and I. As novices we felt 100% safe and trust in Ben’s abilities, skills, and experience. Ben successfully balanced our adventurous spirit with our lack of experience in this particular terrain. We walked away from Iceberg Lake with a better understanding of this unique treasure and gained confidence in our own abilities.

Ben was always professional and made us feel comfortable with him from the start. It felt like we were old friends just handing out together.

Judith B
Iceberg Lake Basecamp 2010

Lucas is a fantastic guide. While I was new to pretty much everything on the trip (ice hiking and climbing, pack rafting, etc.), I always felt encouraged to reach beyond my comfort zone and try to accomplish more without ever feeling unsafe. He's very thoughtful, always enthusiastic, and surprisingly personable for a White Sox fan.

Annie O
Ultimate Wilderness 2012

When you're ready for a real expedition, these are real professionals in real wilderness.

Read more: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/alaska/A27166.html#ixzz2GtSbYXCz

Frommer's Travel Guide

Thank you so much for the Copper River Trip. It was fabulous. The guides were the best I've ever been with. I've done a lot of river trips and this was the best!

N. Magee
Copper River Trip

Ben was personable and knowledgeable - he shared town history, animal/fauna knowledge and glacier knowledge - terrific guide.

Gail M
Glacier Hike 2013

St. Elias Alpine Guides matched us to the perfect tours to help us experience the splendor and majesty of the Wrangell-St. Elias glaciers. Our guide was experienced and knowledgeable. A once in a lifetime adventure - it was the highlight of our Alaska experience.

Gail M
Glacier Hike 2013

Thanks for an incredible trip that brought our family together while we experienced Alaska. We could not have done this without your assistance. Ben was great, as were Nick and Zack. To quote Judy "our experiences were life altering". We would be glad to be a reference for any prospective clients.

Jon S
Multi-Sport 2013

Brian was an excellent guide. He was great with our kids (age 12 &14). We felt safe, had a ton of fun and felt like we got to know him. Our kids felt confident & special. I can't imagine a better day or a better way to experience this park and the glacier.

Stacy F
Ice Climb 2014

Excellent trip! I Didn't think a trip like this would be possible at age 65 - Andrew made it possible and an event we will never forget.

Greg and Sandy G
Glacier Hike 2014

We've been in Alaska for 1 week and have had a phenomenal trip. Today was my favorite day: outstanding weather, fun & knowledgeable guide, amazing glacier features, both kids did a polar bear plunge in a gorgeous heart-shaped blue pool. Incredible!

Andrea E
Glacier Hike 2014

It was all I expected and more. ... Andy and Gaia were both super friendly and informative, and if all of the staff is just as awesome I would expect all of your trips to be just as great. You will see me again in the future!

Nick T
Raft and Flightsee 2014

This was an amazing experience! Food was top notch - exceeded expectations. These memories will last our lives. I highly recommend your company and guides. Thanks!

Brandon E
Raft and Flightsee 2014

This was by far the best guided tour experience for us in the USA. Anna is an exceptional guide and such an incredibly fun person to be with. We'll recommend this to all our friends.

Chaitanya A
Ice Cave Exploration 2014

There is not a better glacier experience anywhere - top to bottom St. Elias Alpine Guides is the way to go!!!

Gary M
Glacier Hike 2014

We have lived in Alaska for 15 years and this tour has been the highlight of many Alaskan experiences which our family has had in Alaska.

McDonnel Family
Glacier Hike 2014

The glacier tour rivaled my best experience of a 21-day trip to Alaska.

Kelly T
Glacier Hike 2014

Ice climbing was something I never imagined I would do. It was so awesome to experience... A day to remember!

Kelsey H
Ice Climb 2014

A brilliant experience, unlike anything else.

Chris J
Ice Cave Exploration 2014

A fantastic experience -- wild Alaska at its best.

Noeleen F
Glacier Hike 2014

Hunter is fun and outgoing and he made this trip an awesome experience. In between rapids, he made us laugh and he was joking around which was just that little extra to make it into a great day. The gear was really great and kept us warm.

Eva T
Raft and Flightsee 2014

Our guides were awesome! They are so personable and friendly. We wish they could be our guides all over Alaska!

Margaret S
Glacier Hike 2014

Jason and Kirk were outstanding guides. They were experienced adventurers and were patient leaders on our beautiful kayak trip. They were also very knowledgeable about the ecology of the area.

Tammy M
Kennicott Glacier Kayaking 2014

If one wants to experience Alaska....use St. Elias as your guide.

John S.
Skolai Pass Basecamp, 2012

We came for the mountain views, but were rewarded with so much more. Our trip to Wrangell/St. Elias National Park was a glorious two weeks in one of the most inspiring places left in the U.S. Remote, wild and breathtaking, this park captivated us with many special moments.

Margaret R
Backpacking Trip 2012

Ice climbing, backcountry trips, visiting the mill in Kennecott, you can do it all with St. Elias Guides. Especially our four day back country trip, they planned it in a fantastic way: thinking along with our wishes and ideas, preparing food and gear. And the guides are professional and enthusiastic. We are looking back to a spectacular experience in Wrangell-St. Elias NP.

Leonie H and Rogier K
Backpacking and Ice Climbing

This backcountry trip exceeded all expectations and pushed our limits the perfect amount.

Tom S and Shelly D
Glacier and Tundra Trek

The tour was outstanding by any/all measures - story telling, knowledge of the facts and information, attention to safety, etc. I was really impressed by [the guide’s] level of knowledge of the site, the overall operations, the specific functions of the buildings we toured, and the equipment we looked at.

Rebecca T
Kennecott Mill Tour 2014

Copper Oar and St. Elias Alpine Guides exceeded my expectations. They helped me fulfill my dream of plain air painting on an extended wilderness trip. Their high level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill coupled with the right equipment led to a safe, comfortable trip. I enjoyed my guides' and fellow travelers good cheer, humor, companionship, not to mention the tasty meals. I am planning on returning for more adventures with St. Elias and Copper Oar.

Jacqueline B
Copper River 2012

What an amazing experience, life changing too. Let’s start with our guides – where do you find these Supermen/women? We’ll never forget our first meeting with Lucas, beaming enthusiastically from the airstrip. He’s just such a great guy and a great guide and we heard the same compliment from a lot of other people too. He looked after us and worked so hard to ensure that we had a good time. We always felt safe with him, enabling us challenge ourselves and really get the most out of our trip.

Lisa and Eamonn F
Multi Sport 2012

St. Elias Alpine Guides is a community of caring guides that want to show you the place they love, the Wrangell - St. Elias National Park... It is an amazing place to explore and it is great to have experienced and caring guides who truly seem to enjoy showing you around this amazing place!

Sean L
Mountaineering Trip

I was looking for a wilderness adventure and I found it with the Copper Oar/St. Elias Alpine Guides. The guides’ attention to detail, knowledge of Alaska and love of nature was abundant. They made the trip! Every day was a new adventure. Whether the days were warm or cold, they were gorgeous, rich with beautiful landscape and wild life. I will be talking about this trip for many years to come.

Kathi L
Source to Sea 2013

I have done hiking and trekking trips all over the world (Indonesia, Central America, Peru, Micronesia, the French Alps, east Africa), and never have I encountered a wilderness as rugged and spectacularly beautiful as that in Chitistone Canyon. Along the trek, the scenery changes from precipitous scree slope to verdant river valley to alpine meadow to snow-covered trail to burnt orange canyonland. We were even lucky enough to see a red fox hunt and kill a ground squirrel. Other wildlife sightings included Dall sheep, mountain goats, pika, marmot, and bear and caribou tracks. This trek not only pushed me physically but opened my eyes to the stunning desolation of the Alaskan wilderness. I could not recommend this trek highly enough.

Lisanne P
Upper Goat Trail 2012

Our float trip on the lower Copper River was an excellent way to see so much of the largely inaccessible Wrangle-St. Elias National Park. We had great wildlife viewing and the scenery was spectacular. Each day of our trip was very different kept getting better and better as we made our way down the river. The highlight my whole time in Alaska was one day spent floating past two massive glaciers and the through an iceberg flow. All of the guides were very professional, knowledgeable and fun. Not only were they very proficient on the river, but were great cooks too. After working so hard paddling on the river all day they put on quite a spread of fresh meat and veggies every night. This trip was my first guided trip (I am more accustomed to self-guided backpacking and canoe trips) and I would highly recommend this trip to others who want to experience the Alaskan wilderness. Thanks St. Elias/Copper Oar guides for such an amazing Alaskan experience!

Chuck G
Copper River 2013

Spectacular! We took the Lakina River to Kennecott trip and it was the most beautiful 7 days I have experienced. My favorite part was traversing Hidden Creek Valley. Locals call it Oz because the hillsides are such a lush green compared to the bare rock and snow of the mountain backdrop that they glow with vitality. We had mist blowing through that day so it was pretty magical and the wildflowers were intense! It is difficult to overstate how continually spectacular the scenery is. Our guide took great care of us and I felt entirely safe the whole time. The food he prepared every day was really good. He also pushed us to our physical limits without breaking any of us. It was the hardest 7 days I've experienced-this trip is not for the fainthearted! No trails for the first four days and up and down steep slopes, sometimes scree covered, all with heavy packs on... Totally worth it if you are up for the challenge!

Joel G
Journey to Oz 2012

This was my first time backpacking with a guide, and I think I speak for both of Kim and I when I say we couldn't have imagined a more good-natured or competent one. We were apprehensive about spending a week in the backcountry with a stranger, but Nathan [the guide] was no stranger for long, and his presence made our experience all the better. He was observant and attentive in a way that is as difficult to characterize as it is to overlook.

Jason P
Backpacking Trip 2011

Both Dale and Allison was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. They made us feel very safe in the rafts, their cooking and organisational skills were amazing, they were extremely hard working and great hosts and were lot of fun. 10 out of 10.

Nick and Tanya H
Chitina River Journey 2012

The planning was exquisite! Gaia helped me plan the day trips at Kennicott, including the mill tour and a day hiking on the glacier. We loved Noah and the day we had just as a family walking on the Root. She also helped us with booking the plane from Chitina (which included telling us where to park our car), booking the Lodge, picking us up in McCarthy, and arranging the dates for the raft trip, etc. I felt like a had an experienced travel agent! And I don't even think travel agents understand the needs of an adventurous family. She was great and made the trip easier, with no hassle at all, a true vacation for all. I would definitely 100% recommend to other families.

Melanie F
Chitina River Journey 2011

My favorite part of the trip was taking a hike up to what we named “The Temptress” waterfall. Having degenerative Osteoarthritis I was worried that I would not be able to make it but Kate and Kevin made the hike so much fun I did not realize how far we had gone then – WOW – we were there. I was overcome with emotion when we got back to camp that I cried when I looked up to where we had been. I amazed myself. Even though we saw obvious signs that there were bear and moose in the area, Kevin and Kate made sure we knew exactly what to do and that we felt safe.

Susan H
Nizina River Wild 2006

The Nizina trip was wonderful, as was the Glacier Climbing. [...] Thank you again for a fabulous experience. You, Carleton, Jules and the entire group are just great.

M. Chodos
Nizina River Wild 2007

Would recommend this trip to anyone - any age - any experience level. These guides made it fun, exciting and safe. The food was great!

Maggie M
Raft and Flightsee 2015

This was far out the best tour, combining knowledge with flair the way most tour guides could only dream of. Well done!!!

Michael T
Kennecott Mill Tour 2015

Andrew was friendly and informed and safety-conscious. We felt completely confident in his care. I would absolutely recommend this outfitter!

Keith L
Raft and Flightsee 2015

After almost three weeks in Alaska, this hike has been the epitome of our trip and our vacation. A unique and memorable experience; what we'll remember forever. As a party of 3 (out of which 2 very inexperienced), we always felt safe and very well taken care of by our knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Tony B
Glacier Hike 2015

Absolutely fantastic! Perfect guide, perfect day, and a great group of people. Everyone should experience this trek with St. Elias Guides.

Suzanne P
Glacier Hike 2015

The ice climbing tour was the perfect way to end our glacier experience. Our guide always made us feel safe and adapted to our skill level. With no prior ice climbing experience, we climbed out of a moulin and it was the ultimate experience!

Roman G
Ice Climbing 2015

Definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life! I would definitely come back. Anya, the guide, is a treasure. Her tour was informative and wonderful. I recommend SEAG wholeheartedly.

Bill B
Glacier Hike and Caves 2015

Melissa was absolutely incredible. Skolai trip was 10 times better than Denali. Class act organization! Will definitely be back!

Erin and Tony S
Fly-In Skolai Pass Hike

Far exceeded my expectations! The difficulty level was not too high for a beginner and our guides made it such a fun time!

Greg and Amy
Ice Climbing 2015

The Nizina trip was magical. It was so worth all of the effort it takes to get in there. And it's somewhere I'd never get to see on my own. From the bush planes to and from the river and all of the people who made that trip happen for us - everyone made us feel special. It was a surreal experience to float through icebergs, hear the thunder of the calving glacier, and then watch the waves from the glacier lap against the shore. Our guides made everything seem easy and fun. The only bad part of the trip was having it end.

Robin P
Nizina River Wild 2014

For a 1st Ascent this is a superb climbing company to use. They know their business. They do not simply take you to an existing ridge and climb a supposedly new route - if you want the real McCoy - a true 1st ascent, a worthy one, this is the company to use.

James W
First Ascents 2014

The chance at a first ascent of an unclimbed peak in Alaska, to literally go where no one else has before, is one of the few true exploratory adventures left on the planet. It was a longstanding dream of mine to go on an expedition like this and St Elias Alpine Guides made it happen. Logistics were expertly done and my guides, Scott and Lucas, were professional, knowledgeable, and fun. It was a trip of a lifetime and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Matt K
First Ascents 2014

I was in search of the "once in a lifetime" Alaskan experience and I found it with St. Elias Alpine Guides. From the pre-trip planning, to the hospitality in McCarthy, to the fantastic summit of Mount Blackburn(!!!) and back home these guys handled it all.

Adam W
Mt. Blackburn Expedition 2014

I've done lots of camping and travelling and I can honestly say that this trip was one of the best I've done. This is truly what you picture when you think of the Alaskan peaks you see in the movies. Beautiful hikes, perfectly cooked meals, and great friends - I could not have asked for anything more from this trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone!

Alexis P
Iceberg Lake Basecamp 2015

St. Elias Alpine Guides exceeded my expectations in every way… and my expectations are of utmost competence, knowledge, and professionalism.

Allen D
Journey to Oz 2015

I was pretty nervous about going on my first backpacking trip with a group of strangers, but I couldn't have asked for a better trip! Our guides were knowledgeable, encouraging, and helped us gel as a group. Although I started the trip on my own, I was able to see and experience the dramatic and breathtaking landscape of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park along with an incredible group of people. It was a trip I will never forget!

Courtney G
Glacier & Tundra 2015

The best guided trip we have ever taken. We've travelled widely but nothing compares to the overwhelming wildness and beauty of the Copper River. The guide team's knowledge and competence provide security and confidence to enjoy one of the last great wildernesses. They cook well, too.

Michele L and James C
Copper River 2015

Our experience on the Copper River with St. Elias Alpine Guides was incredible. They provide a first class experience in one of the most amazing wilderness areas. If you want to see Wrangell St. Elias National Park in the company of expert guides, this trip the one for you.

Brian C
Copper River 2016

This was absolutely one of the best trips we've ever been on. The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and having an experienced guide lead you through it is an incredible experience. If there's any way you can do a trip with St. Elias Alpine Guides, do it!

Molly T and Dave W
Donoho Peak Wilderness 2016

SEAG is both professional and personal. Their customer service is top notch. Our guide was outstanding. If you have not experienced Wrangell-St. Elias, contact SEAG - they will have the trip for you.

Jon W
High Pass Odyssey 2016

This was an absolutely awesome learning experience for us. Each day offered new, exciting challenges and our comfort zones in the mountains expanded super-fast! For us, this was the ideal preparation to now start climbing mountains on our own, covering many basic mountaineering/climbing skills. Combined with the experience, friendliness and encouragement of our guides, this was the best trip we have ever done so far!

Astrid and Roman
Intro to Mountaineering 2016

My son went on his first backpacking trip ever with St. Elias Alpine Guides. The trip could not have been better, our guides were first rate, the scenery was breathtaking and the challenges we faced were what we hoped for. If you have to choose one guiding service in Alaska, make it St. Elias Alpine Guides.

Jon and Max K
Glacier & Tundra 2016

What a gift to be able to explore the wilds of Wrangell St. Elias! Our glacier/tundra hiking and ice climbing adventure was truly an experience of a lifetime and the guides made us feel safe the whole way. Thank you for facilitating a memory I'll cherish forever.

Stefanie P
Glacier & Tundra 2016

I chose St. Elias Alpine Guides for my first time ice climbing and I couldn’t have had a more positive experience. Our guide was knowledgeable, friendly and had us climbing in no time. The best Alaska has to offer!

Karla F
Ice Climbing 2016

Today was the best day of my trip to Alaska. The guides were friendly and very helpful. The climbing itself was unforgettable. Being lowered down into a crevasse was a once in a lifetime experience!

Ice Climbing 2016

The ice climbing is definitely the activity to do! Unique experience - Best outdoor activity ever!

Ice Climbing 2016

It was one of my top experiences in Alaska!

Annie H
Glacier Hike 2016

We loved our experience, would absolutely recommend. A highlight of our trip.

Rachel and Jed
Glacier Hike 2016

Great experience - must be done by anyone enjoying the outdoors!

Irma and Alex
Glacier Hike 2016

Everything was wonderful from the moment I booked the mill tour through the glacier trek! Very professional outfit. I would re-book for sure.

Lynn J
Glacier Hike 2016

We had a great experience. The place is simply mesmerizing, the staff is very helpful, kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I had a great time and I can’t wait to come back again!

Kshama G
Glacier Hike 2016

St. Elias Alpine Guides provide professional, safe, fun, and beautiful trips. They will take care of you and take you to wonderful places!

Pat M
Glacier & Tundra 2016

"Some of the most experienced deep-backcountry guides in south-central Alaska."

Backpacker Magazine

"One of the most experienced outfitters in the state."

Outside Magazine

How exceptional is a wilderness guide service that really delivers the tough joy of the Alaskan wilderness with passion, professional knowledge, and attention to detail – all the while, with good humor and great cooking? St. Elias Alpine Guides is that exceptional outfit. In our wildest national park – two gems, five stars!

Jim N (Goat Trail 2010)